ideacoil26 July 2017

Enhancing the customer experience with feedback

NEW YORK, NY (November 15, 2016). Ideacoil (, a New York City incentive-based start-up, hosted a feedback panel discussion at WeWork Times Square to help educate businesses, entrepreneurs, and other consumer-dependent groups about the benefits of understanding customer experiences, decisions, and obtaining personalized feedback on projects. The panel discussion featured Larry Scott Blackmon, Vice President of Community and Government Affairs at Fresh Direct, Laurent and Price-Mars Delly, brothers and co-founders of Ideacoil, a mobile and web-based feedback tool to help people capture insight from a crowd-sourced community of feedbackers, and Wrevel, an online event-based company dedicated to giving its users access to special parties and events in their areas. Lenore Kantor, President and CEO of Launch Warrior, moderated the event. The panel discussed the importance of knowing your customers and understanding what makes them satisfied with a company’s products and services. 


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