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How it Works

Ideacoil allows you to cut through the logistics and get instant, personalized feedback on projects, customer trends, and business ideas that allow you to improve quickly, saving you time and money, and rewards you for sharing your insight.

Post a questionnaire to get Feedback

1. Identify your business needs

Identify the items in your business you need feedback on. It may be a service, a product, a new idea or project that you feel can be improved through customer input.

2. Create a questionnaire

Start your project by creating a fully customized survey. Select your preferences, add visual details and all the necessary options and questions you need to help you discover the unknowns.

3. Collect & analyze feedback

Invite guests, customers, or the ideacoil community to give you insight. Review and analyze your feedback as you move forward, and use the ideas collected to leverage your business goals.

Get Paid to Give Feedback

1. Review

After signing up, fill in your profile with some information about yourself. Next, cull through the ideas that pique your interest.

2. Submit your response

As you respond to questionnaires, provide feedback that can be helpful to the business or person seeking it.

3. Engage & earn

Benefit from sharing your input and from helping businesses improve and deliver better products and services.

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