Our Story

Ideacoil is an online community designed to help you get rid of your challenges so you can get your most complex products, services, tasks, and goals off the ground through reward-based feedback. On Ideacoil, you connect with knowledgeable and experienced experts, whether those experts are colleagues, customers, professionals, students or new contacts, they can all contribute to helping you improve and learn about what you need to do differently in order to become successful in your project or task.

Ideacoil makes it possible to tap into the customer-side unknowns such as marketability, purpose, and interest levels on a particular project in the burner, and in the end, convert insight into value.

Connect with Feedbackers Across all Industries®

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Get your business projects off the ground

Ideacoil is easy to use. You can instantly craft your photos, audio clips, and videos into a socially engaging feedback project. As you move your project forward, get insight and ideas to help you improve directly from feedbackers you hand-pick yourself.

Use Feedback to Turn Good Ideas into Great Ones

Whether you have a restaurant, a documentary film concept, or simply need customer feedback Ideacoil can provide quality, thoughtful and engaging responses from individuals uniquely qualified to assess your projects.

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